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Service Fees for Processing Loans

The Archive charges fees for loans of items from its collection as a primary source of income to offset its costs. We offer our highest level of discounted pricing for individuals directly affiliated with Vanderbilt University or one of our Sponsoring Institutions. Persons affiliated with other educational instutions receive a moderate discount. All other categories of users pay the standard rate.


The Archive will loan copies of any Evening News program, Special News Program, or item from our Specialized Collections.

The fees charged depend on the type of user:

CategoryCost per 1/2 hour
Vanderbilt Student$ 25.00
Vanderbilt Staff$ 25.00
Vanderbilt Faculty$ 25.00
Member of Sponsoring Institution$ 25.00
Other Higher Educational Institution$ 50.00
K-12 School (student, teacher, administrator)$ 50.00
Personal Research with no organizational affiliation$ 100.00
Government Agency$ 100.00
Non-profit organization$ 100.00
Commercial organization$ 100.00
Public Library Staff$ 100.00
Media/Journalism (TV, Radio, Print)$ 100.00


The Archive can compile multiple news segments onto a single DVD or videotape.

The fee for the compilation is calculated according to the number of news segments requested, regardless of their length.

The maximum length per compilation is about one hour.

The charge per news segment for a compilation varies according to the type of user:

CategoryCost per news segment.
Vanderbilt Student$ 12.00
Vanderbilt Staff$ 12.00
Vanderbilt Faculty$ 12.00
Member of Sponsoring Institution$ 12.00
Other Higher Educational Institution$ 17.00
K-12 School (student, teacher, administrator)$ 17.00
Personal Research with no organizational affiliation$ 27.00
Government Agency$ 27.00
Non-profit organization$ 27.00
Commercial organization$ 27.00
Public Library Staff$ 27.00
Media/Journalism (TV, Radio, Print)$ 27.00

A setup fee of $10.00 is charged for each compilation.

Shipping and Handling

Requests by Vanderbilt students, faculty, and staff can be picked up directly from the Archive in the Baker Building.

All other requests will be shipped by UPS ground unless otherwise noted, and this shipping cost is already included.

Next-day shipping is available upon request for additional cost.

Terms of Use

All materials provided by the Archive are considered as library loans, and must be returned.

A charge of $50.00 will be assessed for materials not returned.