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How to Request Items from the Collection

The Vanderbilt Television News Archive makes all the items in its collection available to the public through a loan service. We can create copies of material in our collection on DVD or VHS tape which are shipped to your address. To comply with the terms of the copyright law, these materials are considered a loan, and must be returned to us. The length of the loan period is flexible. We charge service fees to cover the cost of creating these custom-made DVDs or tapes.


All loans will be delivered on DVD unless otherwise specified. VHS videotape is available upon request.

Types of requests

The archive makes two kinds of loans to clients: duplications and compilations. We charge fees for loans to offset the costs in providing this service.

Duplication is our simplest and least expensive service. An order for the evening news for a given network on a specific date, for instance, would be a duplication. This is the only way materials in the Special Reports and Specialized Collections are made available.

Compilations. We also offer a service where we produce a compilation of specified news clips. Creating compilations is a more sophisticated, labor-intensive, and therefore more expensive process. To request a compilation, you can use the TV-NewsSearch interface to select the items from network evening news programs you need. Upon receipt of payment the compilation will be produced and shipped.

Creating a video loan request

Users of the Archive create requests for video loans through the TV-NewsSearch interface:

  1. Search. The first step of the process involves searching the database for materials that are of interest.
  2. Select. Items can be selected and added to your electronic shopping cart by using the buttons provided. When you perform a search, a brief listing is displayed for each item. Clicking on the title link displays the full record for the item. It is from this screen that items can be selected for your order:
    • Select an item to be added for a compilation by pressing the button labelled "Add this clip to my compilation request".
    • Select an item for duplication by first clicking on the button labelled "Display entire listing for this broadcast". This displays a full listing of all the items on that newscast. At the bottom of the listing is a button labelled "I would like to request a copy of this entire news program." Press this button to request a video loan of this program.
  3. Checkout. When you have completed making selections, press the "Checkout Desk: Complete Loan Request" button. You will then be guided throught the process of verifying your order and selecting payment options.

Method of payment

We must have payment before any order can be shipped. The preferred methods of payment are Credit Card, A university-issued purchase order, or checks. We cannot accept company purchase orders.

Terms of Use

Copyright Public Law 94-553 includes provisions effective January 1, 1978, regarding copyright of audiovisual works and archiving of television news broadcasts.

Because of the stipulations in the Copyright legislation, all transactions of the Vanderbilt University Television News Archive are considered as loans from a library, and all material must be returned. We do not sell the videos nor license their content. If you have tapes or dvds on loan and need an extension, please call, e-mail, or write, and we will usually be able to extend the due date. The loan period for all videos unless otherwise negotiated is 30 days. Fees will be assessed for unreturned materials.

Borrowers of videos are advised that making copies of them may be a violation of copyright.

Processing time

Duplications generally take one week from order to shipping. This presumes a small order and a normal work load at the Archive. Large duplication orders will be processed as rapidly as possible and may be shipped in batches.

Compilations must be scheduled. With the current technology, we can do approximately one hour of compilation per work day. We will give you schedule status upon receipt of the order.

Rush Requests. Sometimes you need the order sooner than the above will allow. We can usually accommodate rush orders, but these are subject to a premium service charge.