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About the Vanderbilt Television News Archive

The mission of the Vanderbilt Television News Archive focuses on creating, preserving and providing access to the news broadcasts from the U.S. national television networks. We create recordings of news broadcasts from the U.S. national television networks, preserve the content for future generations, and provide the widest access possible within the copyright limitations.

We have been recording these broadcasts since August 5, 1968. The core of our collection consists of regularly scheduled newscasts from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and Fox News. We also record other news content as it happens beyond these newscasts, including material from other networks.

The Archive operates as a unit of the Vanderbilt University Libraries.

View the Staff Directory for a list of the staff who work for the Archive.

The Vanderbilt Television News Archive works in partnership with the Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division of the Library of Congress. We provide copies of the programs we record to the Library of Congress for permanent preservation. The recordings we provide become part of LCs collections.

We provide access to the content of our collection through a loan service and through streaming video.

Due to copyright considerations, we provide access to the streaming video only to a limited audience and only to limited parts of our collection. Currently only individuals associated with subscribing colleges and universities can view streaming video. Visitors to the Archive in Nashville can view all content from our collection.

The Archive makes all the items in its collection available to the public through a loan service. We can create copies of material in our collection on DVD or VHS tape which are shipped to your address. To comply with the terms of the copyright law, these materials are considered a loan, and must be returned to us. The length of the loan period is flexible. We charge service fees to cover the cost of creating these custom-made DVDs or tapes.

An Advisory Board provides guidance to the Archive.

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